October 11, 2015



Iselin Real Estate Statistics

Total Listings in Iselin: 76
Average Home Price in Iselin: $291,700
Average Sale Price in Iselin: $244,000
Average Home Price/sqft $218

Iselin Overview

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    Soft Seller’s Market
    This means that there is a high demand for properties because of the small amount of inventory. There are more potential buyers than sellers which means a possible bidding war with other possible buyers.

    Schools in Iselin

    Public Elementary Schools Public Middle Schools Public High Schools
    Kennedy Park Elementary School Iselin Middle School John F Kennedy Memorial High School
    Robert Mascenik School
    Indiana Avenue Elementary School

    Click the school for more information about each school. Iselin is a community located within Woodbridge Townhip. For the Woodbridge Board of Education website, click here.

    Top Realtors®

    When selling or purchasing real estate, it’s important that you work with a top producing and dedicated local Realtor®. There are a lot of Realtors® that may not be very knowledgeable about the area or not providing enough time to explain the area. Be careful before sign just any Realtor®. Make sure they are an expert in the area and have a deep understanding of the number of homes for sale, local real estate trends, and average selling price. (more on how to choose a real estate agent here)

    Buying a Home

    If you you’re looking to buy real estate, be sure you have ample information and understand the process of buying a house. Whether you’re searching for an apartment or buying a newly constructed home, you want to make sure you are working with a professional Realtor®. Having a professional Realtor® who knows the area is essential and may save you thousands of dollars and keep you organized throughout the process, reducing your stress. Real Estate in certain areas is high demand, and great deals don’t last. It is absolutely essential that you make sure you have been prequalified by a lender before you make the commitment to purchase a home. A knowledgeable Realtor® knows that in order to help you find the home of your dreams, part of the process is knowing how much his buyers are looking to spend, and bringing a pre-qualification letter to the sellers.

    Selling a House

    In order to sell your house, we have some marketing strategies that other Realtors® do not. Our marketing strategies separate us from the competition making us experts in selling your home quicker and for a greater value. Technological optimization, exceptional marketing and using social media, is what separates NJ Realty Homes from any other brokerage. If you are looking to sell your home, make sure you interview multiple Real Estate Agents. It is absolutely crucial to find a top Realtor® so we have formed some interview questions we recommend you ask before making the decision. If your real estate agent cannot answer these questions with confidence and doesn’t offer honesty and transparency, MOVE ON.

    Real Estate Market

    Having a deep understanding of the local real estate market is essential for any Realtor® to do their job. We at NJ Realty Homes produce monthly real estate articles giving user quality information about the local real estate market. We write blog posts, make videos, and produce infographics to show what’s going on in your local market. Our goal is to educate local buyers and sellers so that they can make the best decisions regarding real estate. Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate, it is crucial that you review this FREE information.